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36,000m² Factory
Focus on high-speed hand dryer
Since 1994
As one of the most historical hand dryer supplier, Aike has over 23 years ' exprience focusing on the hand dryer technology, which started with researching and manufacturing generators in 1994, and developing and producing high - speed hand dryers in 2003.
Production Capacity
Aike own 2 factories in Hangzhou and Taizhou, with an area of over 36,000 square meters. More than 150 skilled workers operate on 6 self - production lines. Complete production departments, including shell workshop, motor workshop, PCB workshop, assembly workshop, sheet metal workshop, machining workshop, painting workshop and laboratory produce more than 150,000 pcs hand dryers per year.
R&D Capacity
Aike focuses on researching and manufacturing hand dryers for over 15 years, with a R&D elite team with 35 engineers, and 43 patents. Aike imposes great importance on R&D field and invests more than most of other manufacturers.
Quality Control
12 quality inspectors strictly control every aspect of the productions according to 6 testing procedures,  guaranteeing the products ' quality with a standard of 10 years service lifetime. 
Oltre la mano di Aike di 5 milioni gli essiccatori sono stati esportati a più di 110 paesi e distretti e blocca 40% del servizio cinese, quale il Regno Unito, la Francia, Germania, Spagna, Russia, Israele, Asia Sud-Orientale, India, S.U.A., Canada, Brasile e così via.

La garanzia della qualità evidente del Aike per i prodotti è certificata a ISO9001,  CE, CB,  UL, FCC, ROHS, GS, INMETRO e ccc ecc.

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Fabbrica di AIKE Hangzhou:
 NO.7, ventiduesima st, Xiasha,
Hangzhou, Zhejiang

Fabbrica di AIKE Taizhou:
 `Di Yong una zona di industria, Taizhou, Zhejiang

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